Il Ferrone for Terracotta

Il Ferrone is a small collection of houses and factories located on one of the two roads from Florence to Greve in Chianti, Tuscany. Although small, Ferrone is nevertheless the largest producer of terracotta in Italy, and one of the most famous in the world, due in large part to the high quality and variety of the terractta-ware produced here. The local grey clay has been used for hundreds of years to produce terracotta floor and roof tiles, olive oil jars (orci, giare) and a variety of other containers and decorative objects, both for household and garden. In addition to a number of large firms producing terracotta floor tiles on an industrial scale, there are many smaller producers of terracotta garden and household ornaments and decorations. Visitors passing this way are envouraged to visit the smaller kilns and by directly at the source. Unlike some of the cheaper terracotta now produced in the Far East, Tuscan terracotta garden decorations are frost resistant and do not crack when exposed to a fall of snow.

terracotta garden pots from Il Ferrone

In recent years, the neglected art of painted terracotta, made famous by the della Robbia family, has seen a revival, and there are some skilled artisans at work in Ferrone.

Terracotta decorative pieces

Terracotta decorative pieces

terracotta orci olive oil jars

Terracotta orci olive oil jars

Hand-painted terracotta

Hand-painted terracotta


Is this "New Age" nonsense or potentially an additional great wine experience? A very few wineries around the world, as part of the "natural wines" movement, are experimenting with the Roman wine production technique of fermentation in terracotta containers (giare, in modern Italian). Some of the resulting wines have been reported to be excellent.

Terracotta barriques and amphorae for wineries

Wine-making in terracotta barriques and amphorae

Terracotta from Impruneta

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